Book Party Decorator Online And Make Your Special Occasion A Rememberable One.

Want birthday party decorations at home or want marriage anniversary decoration at home to celebrate your favourite person’s big day but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, Cleangic India is at your rescue, Cleangic India is one in all the primary companies that provide services to embellish your home for your special occasions, like marriage anniversary, birthdays or bachelors party, we offer you all the most effective decoration services to create your day special.

Services we offer:
• Balloon Surprise.
• Car Boot Surprise.
• Candle+ Petal Surprise.
• Fairy Light Lantern.

What Do we provide?
• We provide you with 200 quantities of inflatable high-quality helium balloons.
• You can choose the colour of your choice.
• 50 inflatable high-quality helium balloons are hanged on the ceiling and also the rest are going to be left on the ground, all are going to be tethered to the bottom.
• For Car-boot-service, we offer 25 balloons to fill the boot, 5 LED balloons, 2 Confetti balloons as a default package, to customize further, please contact us.

NOTE- We customize according to your demand.

Things we would like you to do:
• We request you to supply us with a ladder to hold the balloons on the ceiling.
• If you wish to feature photos in your package, we request you to produce the main points before the date of the event.
• One person must be within the room to assist the professional out with the work.
• If you bought any problem with the service provided, you'll be able to contact us directly on the number mentioned below.

To avail of this hassle-free service, book party decoration online from our app “Cleangic India” or visit our website Call or text us on +91-7836050708 to understand more.

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