Want to sanitize your home and office?

COVID-19 could be a warning call for the entire world to take care of cleanliness and be hygienic in ourselves, the post COVID life goes on to be more of utmost hygiene and sanitization to avoid any more infections.

Considering the present pandemic situation, Cleangic India Pvt. Ltd. has added “sanitizing” as a brand new service to assist people to measure the simplest life with no fear of contracting any infections. That’s not all, our best-rated professionals within the Delhi NCR will provide you with the most effective sanitizing services for home( 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK), commercial spaces from bare minimum to 6000 sq. ft and is even offering car sanitizing (Hatchback, Sedan, 5-seater SUV, 7-seater SUV) at an inexpensive price. Protect your near and dear ones from contracting any infections now. Get your house disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants to kill viruses and sanitize the whole space. Professionals are vaccinated to supply you with services.

Why book our sanitizing services?

• Our well-trained and skilled professionals follow necessary safety protocols, there's nothing you wish to fret about.

• Best quality service provided by verified professionals.
• Complete sanitization guaranteed, with no germs insight.
• We guarantee up to 99.9% protection against any 
reasonably infection.
• Effective services and better results at 
an inexpensive price.

Things to know:

• We only use, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved chemicals with no harmful chemicals for human health.

• Sanitize each and each nook and corner of your space.
• It may take up to 1-2 hours 
of your time to sanitize an area depending upon the dimensions of the commercial establishment or a building.
• It is advisable 
to not enter the disinfected area for 20 minutes after the sanitizing process has completed.
• We use a fumigation machine to spray the safe chemicals that kill the harmful viruses and bacteria, which is followed by wiping the high touch areas 
like doorknobs, switchboard etc.
• We also provide FREE room freshening service for better fragrance.

To avail of this hassle-free service to sanitize your home and office, book 
it on www.cleangic.com  or download our app “Cleangic” from the play store. Call or text us on+91-7836050708 to understand

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