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About Us

Welcome to Cleaning family

Let's make you fresher than ever

We dream of getting a clean home or place— but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? Our Prime Minister has started a cleanliness campaign called "Clean India “. We should take part in this campaign for the healthy life of all of us. To save millions of lives and give them a healthy life, we all need to meet and move towards cleanliness. Purity is part of devotion. Company name specifies its work that is clean-gic. We are providing all types of cleaning services for living area and we are also working for human cleanliness through salon service. Clean”gic” gic stands for guaranteed insured certificate of our service.

Our Vision

We Endeavour to be the next leading brand name in the HouseKeeping industry Domestically through innovation and modern technology.

Our Mission

Providing highest level of Healthier, Quicker & Smarter Service for everyone at very affordable price.

Team & Staff

Our Team

When your mission is to be healthier, quicker, and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. Keeping these points in mind, Cleangic formed a team that comprises IIT graduates, Market Analyst, Data Analyst, and Finance Analyst.

Together we will explore new things

Let's make you fresher than ever. We dream of getting a clean home or place— but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?Purity is part of devotion. Therefore cleanliness is the most important to get closer to God.